The Truth Behind The Opioid Crisis
The War On Drugs
It's no secret that doctors are being paid by pharmaceutical companies to sell particular medications 
In most cases causing a conflict of interest between what is healthy and what is most profitable, which I've personally had problems with being prescribed Naproxen in a Brandon Manitoba clinic for literally everything wrong with me over the course of a few years and the latest, At a local clinic which has since been shut down for unknown reasons, being prescribed T3's for nerve pain (If you didn't know, T3's don't actually help nerve pain as I learned after going to the the local hospital hoping for an alternative method to fix my problem) which in itself is funny, when I signed up to my now "Former" clinic I was told that they cannot prescribe me pain killers of that sort, yet was the first fucking thing they chose to do.

Our system is currently set up to make pharmaceutical companies the most money possible at the risk of citizen's health and it is at this point I want you to understand something:
The current rise of drug abuse is not caused by street dealers but by the influx of pill pushers being put into our local clinics, hell bent on making the most profit possible even if it means causing you further distress.

So the popular opinion of "At least drugs are being regulated through the health system so people won't be able to freely obtain them whenever they please, like they can with street drugs" is no longer the case by any means.
Prescription drugs have become so prevalent that they've made their way into popular culture via the music industry where rap is rarely about just smoking weed anymore but more about Oxycodone, Xanax and other "regulated medications" and this has been in steady incline over the years.

Most kids I grew up with made their money in school by selling their prescription drugs because doctors no longer test to see if there is something wrong with you, they simply take things for face value and rush you out of the office with a prescription as fast as possible these days, which is completely disgusting to me. The words "Do your fucking job" come to mind but no, doctors can do no wrong because we are taught they "Know better than us" and are not to be questioned....

I think it's time we stop and question whether or not their choice of medication is really for us and search for healthier none addictive, none damaging forms of medicine.